License Plate Give-A-Way

Part of: Home License Plate Give-A-Way


Every Friday morning, Peoples Bank draws a license plate number out of a box. Until the close of business on the following Thursday, we post that number inside the lobby, at the teller window, and here on the website. If the owner fails to notify us during that week, we pick a new number and we add another $100 to the pot.


If you'd like to enter to win, just stop by the bank and pick up a FREE Peoples Bank license plate, and fill out a ticket stub to be placed in the drawing box. 


If you notice your license plate number posted on this page, the teller window, or in the bank lobby, stop by to collect your winnings. Make sure you bring the vehicle with the winning license plate on the back, and your Peoples Bank license plate on the front. Eligibility requires a Peoples Bank license plate to be on the front bumper of the winning vehicle.


The purpose of this game is to show appreciation to all our customers who have a Peoples Bank license plate displayed on the front of their vehicles.  During our 17 years of operation (2000-2017), we've given away over $85,000!!!  Twice we gave away $1,100.00—due to the fact that 10 potential prize winners failed to notify us—and once we gave away $1,400.00!