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Golden Age Account

A special account for individuals 50 or better. Maturity has its privileges…enjoy discounts, bonuses, and free services with Peoples Bank’s Golden Age Account. Plus, receive interest if your balance is over $500.

  • Opening deposit requirement of just $100.
  • Account holder must be at least 50 years of age.
  • No monthly fee or per check charges, regardless of balance.
  • Free Peoples Bank special checks, wallet style. (One order per year)
  • FREE Check imaging included with monthly statement.
  • FREE Debit Card.

Savings Account

No matter what amount of money you want to put aside, we have ways to make it grow. Whether you’re saving for a car, a house, college tuition, or retirement, we can help you reach your dreams.

Regular Savings Emerald Savings


Whether you want to buy a new property or add the perfect finishing touches to an existing property, we would like to help.

CDs (Certificate of Deposit)

A great way to save for the future. Our CDs are very flexible, giving you control over how your funds work for you. Your CD will earn a market rate of interest, plus, you select the maturity term you want from a variety of ranges. Our CDs require a minimum opening deposit of only $1,000. For your convenience, all CDs are automatically renewed unless otherwise requested; although it will not reprice below the current Peoples Bank rate for a CD of the same maturity. Ask a Peoples Bank account representative for current rates.

IRAs (Individual Retirement Accounts)

For most people, IRAs are a great way to reduce their tax bill, while building a nest egg for the future. Our IRAs earn the same great rates as our CDs, and we offer the same maturities. In addition, we offer a variable rate 18 month IRA. Contact a Customer Service Representative today to start gaining these extraordinary benefits.

*** All savings and investment accounts use the Daily Balance Computation Method. Savings Accounts, CDs, and IRAs are compounded quarterly. Rates are subject to change. Penalties for early withdrawal on CDs and IRAs.

Personal Loans

One of the greatest joys in banking is the opportunity to help our customers make an important purchase, and getting to know them in the process. Here at Peoples Bank, we'll do all we can to make your dreams a reality, and tailor a repayment plan to fit your unique needs.

We make all types of personal loans, including but not limited to:

  • Automobile loans (new and used)
  • Boat loans
  • 4 wheelers
  • Campers

If you have ANY questions concerning rates or terms, please call (870) 942-5707 and ask to speak to a consumer loan officer, or email us.